3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Trash Bin Cleaning This Year

Here are 3 reasons why your home needs trash bin cleaning this year:

  1. Germs, Bacteria, Viruses: When we let trash and biological products breakdown in our garbage bins, especially during summer months, they become breeding grounds for dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses. As these harmful germs grow in your bin, they come into contact with your body and your family on a daily basis.
  2. Environmentally-Friendly: The better condition you keep your cans, the longer they will last. It’s an environmentally friendly policy that will encourage others in your community to invest in their materials now instead of wastefully throwing out the bins every 3-months. We use only eco-friendly materials to sanitize the bins for you. Not to mention, when you attempt to clean the bins yourself, the chemicals used end up in storm drains, on lawns, and in the streets, presenting hazardous exposure to community members. We take the leftover cleaning liquid and store it in our state-of-the-art trucks.
  3. Professional Assurance: Everyday individuals don’t have the professional expertise to truly de-sanitize a garbage bin. It’s a science that involves a lot of elbow grease and proper material support to get right. We make sure the bins are totally cleaned and family-friendly by the time we’re done.