Bin Wash LA’s Premium Bin Cleaning Service

Bin Wash LA’s Premium Bin Cleaning Service


Have you ever opened your trash bin and recoiled from the unsettling sight of maggots crawling around? Or been overwhelmed by an unsavory odor that makes taking out the trash an unpleasant chore? Perhaps you’ve noticed layers of grime stuck stubbornly to the inside, making the bin seem perpetually dirty. If you’ve faced any of these issues, Bin Wash LA has the perfect solution for you. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR BIN CLEANING TODAY!

At Bin Wash LA, we understand the challenges homeowners face when it comes to maintaining a clean and hygienic bin. Maggots, foul smells, and hard-to-remove grime are more than just minor inconveniences—they can pose health risks and attract pests. Our comprehensive bin cleaning service addresses all these concerns, ensuring you have a spick and span bin every time. 

Here’s How We Tackle the Problem: 

  1. Stuck-on Waste Removal: We begin by scraping off any waste that has become adhered to the inside of the bin. This initial step is crucial as it removes the primary source of maggots and bad odors. 
  1. Eco-friendly Cleaning Solution: A thorough spray of our eco-friendly cleaning solution loosens the grime and provides an initial layer of cleansing. It’s our promise to you and the environment: we use solutions that get the job done without harming our planet. 
  1. Exterior Sanitization: The exterior of your bin is as important as the interior. We utilize a high-pressure wash combined with 200-degree hot water and steam. This ensures the outside is as sanitized and clean as the inside. 
  1. Deep Interior Clean: A second round of pressure washing with 200-degree hot water and steam guarantees the eradication of any remaining bacteria or germs inside the bin, offering a deep and thorough cleaning. 
  1. Water Disposal: We’re conscious about the environment and understand the importance of responsible waste disposal. The dirty water from the cleaning process is vacuumed into our truck’s holding tank, ensuring it’s disposed of properly, keeping our neighborhoods and waterways clean. 
  1. Exterior Disinfection: Once the bin has been cleaned and rinsed, we wipe its exterior with a disinfecting solution to eliminate any lingering germs. 
  1. Fresh Scent Finish: Lastly, to ensure your bin doesn’t just look clean but smells fresh too, we spray a deodorizer inside. This leaves your bin with a pleasant aroma, making trash disposal a much more agreeable task. 

With Bin Wash LA’s meticulous cleaning process, say goodbye to the woes of maggots, unpleasant smells, and persistent grime.
Order our service today and experience the difference a professionally cleaned bin can make.