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It’s a beautiful thing—taking the trash bins out to the curb each
week and having them emptied of debris—but take a closer look
inside the empty containers (if you dare!) and most people will
agree it’s not a pretty sight!
Enter Kevin Miller and WASH BINS. Kevin launched his trash
bin cleaning business in 2019 with the aim to eliminate the unwelcome germs, bacteria and stench left behind in trash and recycling containers long after the trash has been emptied.
“Our specialized sanitization trucks power wash recycling,
trash and garden waste bins in 190-degree water, eliminating
harmful germs and unpleasant smells,” says Kevin. “We get rid of
the germs, flies, poop, spiders and maggots. We disinfect, sanitize, deodorize the inside and the outside and leave it next to your
curb 100% clean and smelling great.”
While popular in Europe for over 30 years, trash bin cleaning
services began cropping up in the U.S. in the past decade as
awareness grows about this important service. Many people don’t
realize that even after they are emptied, trash bins can carry many
dangerous bacteria and diseases, including tuberculosis, e-coli,
salmonella and listeria. Regular cleaning eliminates the risk of
infection in addition to lingering odors.