Dumpster Cleaning Service

Our One Time Cleaning Plan

One Time Cleaning, No Contract, No Obligations
One time cleaning each dumpster

$ 150 each

Our Monthly or Quarterly Rates

Effortlessly Maintain a Spotless Home with Monthly and Quarterly Bin Cleaning Plans
Dumpsters Monthly

$ 100 each

Dumpsters Quarterly

$ 125 each

This is per dumpster plan.

Our Work Speaks for itself

Bin Wash LA, LLC Trash Dumpster Cleaning Service

Say farewell to bad Odor & Maggots with our exceptional trash dumpster cleaning service. We sanitize, disinfect & deodorize to eliminate maggots, grime, bacteria & bad odor. Trust us to restore your dumpsters to a pristine condition, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for your business or residential area. Our specially designed Truck lift the trash dumpsters on to it’s back & pressure washes the dumpster. Using Eco-Friendly solution with 3500 PSI 200° hot water & steam to sanitize, disinfect & deodorize your dumpsters. Dirty water gets collected into the trucks holding tank for proper disposal. We spray deodorizer inside the dumpster for a fresh scent. Call Or Book us online.

Our Comprehensive Dumpster Cleaning Process

  1. Scrape & Remove stuck on waste from inside the dumpster

  2. Spray eco-friendly cleaning solution inside the dumpster.

  3. Pressure Wash the outside with 200° of hot water & steam to sanitize the outside of the dumpster

  4. Our truck is specially designed to lift the dumpster onto the truck.

  5. 3500 PSI high pressure jet heads with 200° of hot water & steam break down stuck on waste

  6. Dirty water stays in our holding tank for proper disposal.

  7. Spray deodorizer inside the dumpster for a fresh scent.