Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Services by Bin Wash LA, LLC

Restaurants and food facilities rely on grease traps to prevent grease and oil from entering the sewage system, but over time, these traps can become clogged and require thorough cleaning. Bin Wash LA, LLC is your trusted partner for professional grease trap cleaning services in Los Angeles.

Our Process:

  1. Assessment: When you enlist Bin Wash LA, LLC for grease trap cleaning, our experienced technicians will conduct a detailed assessment of your grease trap to determine the extent of the buildup and the best approach for cleaning.
  2. Specially Designed Degreasing Solution: We use a specially formulated degreasing solution that effectively breaks down grease and oil buildup in your grease trap. This solution is applied generously to the trap, ensuring thorough coverage.
  3. Soaking Time: After applying the degreasing solution, we allow it to soak for 15 minutes. This soaking period allows the solution to penetrate deep into the grease trap, loosening stubborn buildup for easier removal.
  4. Pressure Washing with Hot Water and Steam: Once the soaking period is complete, we utilize high-pressure washing equipment with 3500 PSI and 200 degrees hot water and steam to blast away the loosened grease and oil from your grease trap. This powerful combination ensures thorough cleaning and removes even the toughest buildup.
  5. Disinfectant Application: After pressure washing, we apply a disinfectant with a pleasant scent to the grease trap area. This disinfectant not only kills harmful bacteria but also leaves behind a fresh and clean scent, enhancing the overall cleanliness of your facility.
  6. Call for a Quote: Ready to maintain cleanliness standards in your restaurant or food facility? Contact Bin Wash LA, LLC today at 310-883-8879 for a quote. Our friendly team will assess your grease trap cleaning needs and provide you with a competitive quote for our services.

Don’t let grease trap buildup compromise the cleanliness and safety of your establishment. Trust Bin Wash LA, LLC to provide thorough and professional grease trap cleaning services that exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to schedule your grease trap cleaning service and enjoy a clean and hygienic environment for your staff and customers. Bin Wash LA, LLC – Your trusted partner for grease trap cleaning in Los Angeles.