Keeping It Clean: The Art Of Dumpster Cleaning With Bin Wash LA, LLC

Dumpsters Cleaning Service We scrape and remove stuck on waste from inside the dumpster. Spray Eco-Friendly cleaning solution inside the dumpster. Pressure wash the outside with 200° hot water and steam to clean & sanitize. Our specially designed truck lifts the dumpster and pressure washes the inside with 200° hot water and steam. The dirty water is collected in the trucks holding tank for proper disposal. Deodorizer is sprayed inside the dumpster for a fresh scent.

Keeping It Clean: The Art of Dumpster Cleaning with Bin Wash LA, LLCDumpsters, often tucked away in the corners of parking lots or alleyways, are unsung heroes when it comes to waste disposal. They efficiently hold our trash until it’s time for pickup. However, they tend to accumulate grime and unpleasant odors over time. This […]

Trash Chute Cleaning Service – Sanitize • Disinfect • Deodorize

Trash Chute Cleaning Service – Sanitize • Disinfect • DeodorizeCleaning trash chutes, it is a dirty job but somebody has to do it! The rubbish chute, which encompasses the main chute, hopper doors and the garbage room below the chute, is often the most neglected part of the building yet it is the dirtiest. A […]

Revitalize Your Commercial Compactor With Bin Wash LA’s Comprehensive Cleaning Service

Revitalize Your Commercial Compactor with Bin Wash LA’s Comprehensive Cleaning ServiceIn the bustling world of commercial establishments, waste management is a critical aspect of daily operations. While the primary focus is often on the disposal of waste, it’s easy to overlook the importance of keeping the compactor clean. However, a well-maintained compactor not only ensures […]

Why You Should Hire A Professional Pressure Washing Service

Clean driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, stairs, common areas, pool areas, trash enclosure and concrete surfaces enhance the look of the entire property. However, pressure washing is a cumbersome process due to all the dust, grease and grime that is accumulated on them over time. These surfaces can be effectively cleaned by using the method of […]

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