Trash chutes play a crucial role in waste management, but without proper maintenance, they can become breeding grounds for odors, bacteria, and pests. At Bin Wash LA,  we offer comprehensive trash chute cleaning services to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in your property’s trash disposal system.

Our Process:

  1. We remove the dumpster from the trash room to be cleaned. We spray an eco-friendly cleaning solution inside the dumpster to break down grime and eliminate odors without harming the environment.
  2. Our specialized truck lifts the dumpster using 3500 PSI and 200° hot water and steam, we clean and sanitize the dumpster, eliminating built-up grime and bacteria.
  3. Next, we turn our attention to the trash chutes. We start by scraping the inside of the chute doors to remove dirt and grime. Then, we apply an eco-friendly cleaning solution inside the chute to soak. Using a hose with a 3500 PSI and a Mosmatic Spinner to ensure a deep and thorough clean. The chute doors are wiped with a disinfecting solution, and a deodorizing solution is sprayed inside the chute for a fresh scent.
  4. Once the chutes are cleaned, we pressure wash the trash enclosure for a clean finish.
  5. Finally, the dumpster is returned to the trash room, completing the cleaning process and leaving your property fresh and sanitary.