Commercial Trash Compactor Cleaning Service

Our One Time Cleaning Plan

One Time Cleaning, No Contract, No Obligations
Onetime Trash Compactor Cleaning

$ 595

Our Monthly or Quarterly Rates

Effortlessly Maintain a Spotless Home with Monthly and Quarterly Bin Cleaning Plans
Trash Compactor Monthly

$ 295 For each bin cleaning

Trash Compactor Quarterly

$ 395 For each bin cleaning

Our Work Speaks for itself

Commercial Trash Compactor Cleaning Service

Experience the convenience and cleanliness of our professional commercial trash compactor cleaning service. Trash compactors can be a breeding ground for Pests, Maggots, Bacteria, and Harmful Contaminants. Bad Odor can stink up an entire area of your property. Bin Wash LA, LLC can eliminate this problem. We spray solution in the trash compactor and let it soak for 15 minutes. Scrape the insides to remove stuck on grime. Pressure wash the inside of the compactor with 3500 PSI 200° hot water & steam to sanitize, disinfect & deodorize. Recover the dirty water back into our trucks holding tank for proper disposal. Spray deodorizer for fresh clean sent. Call or book us online.


Our Comprehensive Trash Compactor Cleaning Process


  1. Scrape & Remove stuck on waste from inside compactor and the door.

  2. Spray Eco-Friendly solution inside of compactor. Soaks for 15 minutes.

  3. Pressure wash the inside with 200° hot water and steam to sanitize.

  4. Vacuum the dirty water into the trucks holding tank for proper disposal.

  5. Spray deodorizer inside of compactor for a fresh scent.